Dhulikhel Tourist Spot


Dhulikhel is the major tourist spot of Kavre district and is famous for natural as well as historical reasons. Dhulikhel’s is the administrative centre of Kavre district and is located a a distance of 30 km from Kathmandu and 4 km from Banepa. Located on a hilltop surrounded by lush greenery, the place has become a major tourist attraction. The proximity to both natural beauty and historic town has added to Dhulikhel’s charm. Altitude ranges from1600 to 1700m and the place is far from the pollution and crowd. Dhulikhel’s main attractions are the view of rows of snow-capped peaks. Devithan hillock renowned for viewing sunrise and sunset, historic Newar settlement and the artistic temples of the town.

Dhulikhel provides an imcomparable view of the Himalayan ranges, more than other tourist places. Dhulikhel is getting increasingly popular for picnics, gatherings, seminars and other programs. A large number of people, visit “Dhulikhel” in the weekends. Some stay overnight while others return at the end of the day. Due to the proximity to the city and good road connection. Dhulikhel is being viewed as an ideal retreat for the Kathmanduiters. Tourist on the way to Tibet also spend their night in Dhulikhel during the tourst season. The best time of year to visit Dhulikhel is in the autumn and winter seasons. There are many luxurious hotels and lodges operating in Dhulikhel connecting Kathmandu to the eastern Terai.