Namobuddha Buddhist Prilgrimage Site


Namobuddha is one of the most important religious sites of the Buddhists after Kathmandu’s, Swyambhunath and bouddhanath. It is located on a picturesque hill, 45 km along Banepa, Panauti route. The religiously important Namovuddha, surrounded by serene environment and green hills, is gaining fame as an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. The site is also gaining reputation as a tourist destination and more and more foreign tourists reach the place every year. Huge festival is organized here on the full moon day of Basisakh (May). the Birthday of Lord Buddha. Thousands of devotees both Buddhist and Hindu gather here for the festival. Tourist are also attracted to the artistic monasteries and the idol of “Sacrifice to the Tigress” located around the hilltop famous for viewing sunrise and sunset.

There is adequate facility of accommodation in Namobuddha and can be easily reached from various tourist destinations like Dhulikhel, Panauti, Balthali and Dapcha. Namobuddha is at a distance of 10 km from Panauti and 15 km from Dhulikhel.

Kavre’s Dolalghat is famous for picnics as well as for the taste of local fish. The place is also popular for resting during trips to Jiri, Charikot, Ramechhap, Tatopani, Kodari, Sailungeshwor among others. Visitors who reach Dolalghat never fail to taste the local fish, which is considered very delicious. Dolalghat is locate on the bank of the Indrawati River.

People enjoy picnic on the banks of the same river. People from as far as Kathmandu reach here for picnic. It is but advisable that those going to Dolalghat for picnic exercise caution while swimming or bathing in the river as there are occasional news about swimmers losing their life. Dolalghat is locate at a 57 km road distance from Kathmandu, Kodari is locate 58 km form Dolalghat while Sindhupalchowk’s headquarter Chautara is 28 km far. Regular bus service is available from the old bus termina in Kathmandu.


According to legends, King Maharath ruled a large town located between Panauti and a nearby town Sankhu. King Maharath has three sons, and the youngest Mahahridaya was of very benevolent nature. Once, the three princes were traveling and entered a jungle. They saw a Tigers with her 5 cubs. The Tiger was thin and weak. Prince Mahahridaya asked his brothers why the Tigres was so weak and they replied she was weak and thin due to the lack of food. The kind hearted prince thought it would be an act of great kindness if he could feed the tigers with his own body. so he started feeding the hungry tigers ripping off his body parts with branches of trees, without the knowledge of his brothers and died.

It is beleived that the Stupa at Namobuddha houses the remians of the kind hearted prince. The benevolent prince’s soul went straight to the heaven and is believed to have reincarnated in Nepal’s Lumbini. It is said that, when Lord Buddha arrived at Namobuddha after receiving enlightment, he revealed to his disciples that he had sacrificed his life at the spot in the earlies incarnation and the remains were housed there. The place is now regarded as a holy pilgirmage and devotees offer worship and light oil lamps in reverence.